Inhabiting the Promises of God
by Susanna Lavdas, Obl. OSB

Inhabiting the Promises of God is an inspirational eBook that explains how the Power of God is available to everyone. All we have to do is learn to trust in Him. God's promises from the Old and New Covenants are highlighted and brought to light by the author:

Covenant Promises - See how the prophetic messages to ancient Israel have relevance in your life today.

Provision Promises - Jesus tells us not to worry, but this is easier said than done. Learn how to trust Him with everything we have.

Life Promises - Scripture is full of ways to enrich your life, from the writings of Moses, to the Psalms, to the words of Jesus and the writings of St. Paul.

Promises of a Savior - Jesus gives us the most important promise of all; the promise of Eternal Life.

The Promise of Jesus - Jesus doesn't guarantee that it will be easy, but He does promise to be with us through all the challenges of life.

Forever Promises - Everything good promised in the Bible can be ours, as long as we trust in the Lord.

Inhabiting the Promises of God - Following the example of the Blessed Virgin Mary, it all begins with our saying yes to God.
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